Self awareness is knowing who you are. It’s knowing what your good at and what your passionate about. It’s about having your internal compass clear and knowing your moral center. It’s about beginning to know yourself.

For many, the knowledge of self begins within. I don’t agree but can understand where that comes from. God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, created man in His Image and Likeness. Now we’ve far since fallen but there remains a residue of God’s Spirit in man.

Humanism would have you believe that this greatness is you because “I Am in you” (spoken by Jesus to his disciples, but often used in humanism)

Truth is, God’s principals work for both good and bad alike. And anything good in us is just a reflection of Him, not ourselves. So when you realize the greatness God’s placed in you, make sure you recognize who placed that greatness there. 

Now, back to self awareness.

Now let me put this in context for you. As a human being part of you is spirit. That part of you is made up of your:

Morals and ethics – what you believe to be right and wrong.

Belief system – what faith or belief system you have

Its crucial you get clear here first because if this is out of synch, your whole existence will be a battle.

The Beauty of Clarity

One of the greatest benefits to getting clarity in life is that, if you allow it to, it will save you headache and heartache and will catapult your progress. That’s because you’ll know who you can truly add value to, and vice versa.

So now that you’ve got the clarity on the spirit plane, let’s talk about becoming self aware on the soul plane. 

The spirit plane is relativity simple compared to the other planes but its the most crucial. 

Here you’ll want to get clear on interest and activities like:

What skills you plan to learn
What language you plan to learn
Topics of Interest for conversation 

While also getting clear on what you like to do:

By yourself
With significant other
With Friends
As a couple with friends

One of the most valuable benefits of this Clarity is that you’ll be able to really evaluate all of your interpersonal relationships and see which ones are aligned with you and your aligned with them

This allows you to understand who you should keep in your life and who you should remove. Because it’s in the best interest of both that you no longer take or give time to people and places whose value is not aligned with your vision.

Vision for Life

With that said, you should develop if you don’t have, a vision for your life. Where do you want to go? What do you want to be? What’s the impact you want to leave?

These are questions that help you get clear on your vision. But in order to get a clear vision, you need to have clarity on you.

The final plane to get clarity on is in the natural plane. Here you’ll want to get clear on the following:

Eating and health habits

How active of a lifestyle you want to live
Stationary or Mobile – if you want to travel or stay in one place. 
Financial level and beliefs – what standard of living do you want. 

If you take the time to get clear on these things and use that information to build the vision for your life, you’ll never have to worry about not enjoying your life. 

Have you taken the time to get clear? Comment your answer!

Morals and ethics – what you believe to be right and wrong