No greater force in existence! God is the Greatest Being and He is Love. So there is no greater force than Love. His Love my greatest passion and my mission to take His Love to the world.


Starting early with creative writing and later on with music, composing and writing songs. He believes everyone has at least one art that God has given them


Business and entrepreneurship have always been a passion. Particularly marketing and communication. His advice has been known to nearly double sales and profits in two weeks

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It’s all About The Heart #2 – Humility vs Ego

Continuing in this series of Mark 10 on It’s All About the Heart. Today we’ll be discussing humilty and how ego and pride can easily creep into our hearts without us realizing it. We see at the beginning of the story that the people recognized Jesus as someone who came from God and as God

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I Am My Helper

I was in a particular situation recently where I truly had no other help and so I cried out to God and He’s responded so much more than I thought   Understanding our help is God, we learn to take what we interprete as peoples lack of committment as what it is, our dependance on people more

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It’s All About The Heart – Mark 10 series

I want to start this post with a word of encouragement my Father gave me this morning, for anyone who needs it, before getting into this first post of this 3 post series on getting to the heart of the issues. It’s in James 5:10 and says ” Take, my brethren, the prophets, who have

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The Harvest Truly Is Ready…Are You Working?

Before writing this post I sat down for a moment and asked myself “What have I been seeing this week as it relates to things of the spirit?” While I thought about it for a moment and reflected about my experiences this week, the encounters I’ve had, that innervoice inciting me to do right. You’d recognize

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